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Quality assurance

Providing first-class “Jiayu” sections, and ensuring honest and satisfactory services;
Carrying on strict quality control, and constantly improving management system

Statement of quality principles: It embodies the persistent pursuit of our staff to product quality. Only by means of constant evolution and improvement can we keep up with the ever changing requirements of customers and demonstrate our corporate principle of “Survive by Quality, Cooperate with Honesty, Develop by Strength”, doing our utmost to satisfy customers’ requirements.

By means of executing and constantly improving the quality control system, ceaselessly improving our management level, training excellent employees, and adjusting management strategies according to the changes of internal and external environment, we guarantee that every work is scientific, normalized and highly efficient.

We produce high quality products through constant improvement and reinforced quality control, so that our company is capable of meeting customers’ needs and becomes invincible while facing the severe competitions in the market.

“First-class quality” and “satisfactory service” are the requirements to each of our staff, so as to strengthen the concept of “Customer Focused” and the awareness of “Customers’ Satisfaction Oriented” of our employees, to encourage every employee to pursuit first-class quality among the equivalent products in China through rigorous work. A quality control principle as such can embody the principle of our company, provide a framework for formulating and evaluating quality objectives, fully demonstrate our practical promise of satisfying customers’ needs and constantly improve quality control system, and also incorporate our promise of complying with related laws and regulations. Therefore, our company will organize all sorts of training and propagate our quality principles, so that they will be communicated and understood among all the staff of the company. In addition, we will evaluate the applicability for a quality principle to continue.